How Air Conditioners Transformed Society?


It’s hard to imagine buildings and urban areas without an HVAC system. Indeed, this heating, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning systems have played a huge role in transforming societies and enabling cities to thrive in the first place.

How air conditioners transformed society?

First, it helps us to think that air conditioners are enablers of modern economic activity. We can immediately see that in manufacturing and industrial facilities where equipment gives off heat and warms up the area. We can also see that in offices where computers and lighting also heat up the area. It’s difficult or almost impossible to allow those activities without some form of artificial ventilation or cooling.

In addition, economic activity and growth should be sustained no matter the season for almost the entire year. Downtimes are expensive and productivity is a priority. To sustain productivity, it’s important that temperature and comfort levels inside buildings remain favourable and consistent. It’s difficult to accomplish that if there’s no HVAC system in place.

Back then, people applied simple strategies to adapt to uncomfortable temperatures and conditions. For example, during those hours of intolerable heat they just slow down, swim, take a nap or anything that doesn’t relate to productivity. In contrast, modern times demand continuous productivity even in a 36℃ environment. To bring that down to comfortable levels, we need a good HVAC system.

Artificial air conditioning has allowed us to get more done. After all, comfortable temperature levels are often tied to higher productivity. In modern stressful environments this has been a must so that people can better focus and complete mentally demanding tasks. It has also been crucial in most business environments including restaurants, movie theatres and shopping centres. Air conditioning has helped facilitate more purchasing, leisure and economic activity.

HVAC systems have been playing bigger and bigger roles in transforming and maintaining societies. Also, more and more attention is being put into it because of its energy consumption and environmental impact. There’s more pressure now to adopt energy-efficient measures while still ensuring the comfort of occupants.

Here at ACG Commercial we meet both energy efficiency and comfort objectives in the projects we handle (we’ve already completed more than 5,000 projects). We understand the importance of productivity and costs in sustainable buildings and businesses, which is why we carefully plan the design of the HVAC system.