Here are Some Practical HVAC Optimisation Opportunities


The goal is to minimise or eliminate waste. It’s especially the case with energy where costs go up every year and that our economic activities demand more energy. In commercial buildings around 40 to 70 per cent of the energy use might be because of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. If we pay more attention to the HVAC aspect of the building, we could make huge savings for months and years to come (and reduce environmental impact too).

Practical HVAC optimisation opportunities

To minimise waste and hence save on HVAC operating costs, it’s crucial to focus on the main goal of HVAC.

The main goal is to achieve or experience comfort, which could then boost workplace morale, help workers become more productive and also safeguard the occupants’ respiratory and overall health. These could be achieved by maintaining a comfortable temperature level especially during the hours when the occupants are present inside the building.

As a result, building managers and energy consultants pay attention to optimum start/stop programming (which could lead to 10% energy reduction). This helps reduce the system’s operating hours and the energy costs as well while still maintaining the comfort levels of occupants. To implement this, it’s important to know the building occupancy patterns (the demand) and then somehow synchronising the start/stop of the HVAC system (the supply).

Another optimisation and cost-saving opportunity is about the economy cycle wherein we take advantage of the ambient outdoor air for cooling, instead of solely relying on the operation of cooling equipment. This may result in 20% lower compressor energy use if implemented successfully. Aside from getting what’s already out there instead of using more energy to cool the indoors, this strategy also introduces more fresh inside the premises which then improves indoor air quality.

Those are just some of the HVAC optimisation opportunities that help lower energy use in buildings. If you require more information and if you want to achieve the energy reduction outcomes mentioned above, you can contact us here at ACG Commercial.