Environmental Impact of Air Conditioning Systems


Here let’s briefly talk about how the widespread use of air conditioners has affected the environment in terms of rising energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Environmental impact of air conditioning systems

Because of the growing population and economic activity, we require more energy to power up and raise our productivity. Urban areas are also getting denser and residents and other occupants now tend to stay in enclosed spaces. The improved standard of living and desire for better comfort also make us rely more on artificial systems to heat up or cool down our immediate environment.

Those factors and more have resulted in more reliance to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. These have helped us feel comfortable, become more productive and achieve steady or higher levels of economic growth. However, as with most other economic activity, this has environmental consequences.

First, it’s about the use of hydrofluorocarbons as refrigerants in cooling systems. These act as greenhouse gases that trap heat and further warm up the planet. Instead of more heat escaping from the Earth, a significant percentage is being trapped inside our atmosphere. This constant escape of the heat is crucial to maintaining the around constant temperature levels in our planet. If much of the heat is still trapped, the result is build-up of heat and rising temperatures. Moreover, these substances deplete the ozone layer (this layer protects us from harmful UV rays). Good news is that there are now strict global and national regulations about the use or phasing out of hydrofluorocarbons. In addition, technicians who handle air conditioners and refrigerants should have training and qualifications. These measures limit the release of hydrofluorocarbons into the atmosphere.

Aside from hydrofluorocarbons, another concern is about the rising energy consumption and costs. In recent decades more economic activity and infrastructure also means more air conditioners. And as more air conditioners are installed and being put to use, more energy is required. This demands higher costs as well as more power infrastructure to support the HVAC systems of buildings.
It’s then important to reduce energy use or make the most of it. This helps in reducing environmental impact while maintaining the comfort levels inside buildings. This also helps in reducing operating costs every day and for months and years.

When it comes to energy efficiency in commercial HVAC systems, you can count on us here at ACG Commercial. Aside from saving on operating costs, this is also a great way to reduce environmental impact and become more responsible in energy use.