Achieving Sustainability in HVAC


Sustainability is a priority now because of the rising energy costs and accelerating environmental impact. Aside from reducing waste and pollution, another key to achieving sustainability is reducing energy use. This is a huge challenge in the modern economy because we’re heavily reliant on energy for productivity.
Achieving sustainability in HVAC.

It’s especially the case in heating, ventilation and air conditioning where they use up 40% to 70% of the building energy requirements. Huge amounts of energy is required in heating, refrigeration and cooling. Also, huge thermal loads come from occupants, computers and equipment, solar radiation through windows, lighting and heat conduction through the roofs, windows and walls.

To achieve sustainability here also means reducing energy use while still achieving and maintaining comfort levels. This energy reduction leads to lower carbon emissions because much of the electricity still comes from extracting, processing and burning of fuels. Although alternative energy sources are becoming more widespread and abundant now, it’s still crucial to prioritise energy efficiency.

There are several energy efficiency strategies that relate to HVAC systems. Real-time control and sensing as well as better matching the supply and demand are often the key strategies. These work hand in hand in truly matching the thermal load with the necessary cooling or heating. This way, each kW is being put to the main objective of maintaining a comfortable temperature level inside the building.

In trying to achieve sustainability, the role and impact of HVAC systems should be emphasised to the stakeholders and occupants. In commercial building maintenance contracts, energy efficiency (which is another facet of sustainability) should be a priority because it reduces cost and improves bottom line. In addition, commercial tenants also demand for sustainability commitments. It’s the case especially if those tenants have businesses that relate to sustainability or that they communicate their environmental commitments to their customers.

To help you with achieving those timely outcomes, you can contact us here at ACG Commercial. We can design, supply, install and maintain the entire HVAC system. For more than 15 years we’ve been committed to efficiency and excellence, which have helped reduce the environmental impact of commercial buildings.